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In December 2007, Triple Crown Academy began development on its online Distance Education Program. This program was created for those who are interested in learning more about dogs and dog behavior, but who cannot attend TCA’s on-site programs. Our online courses closely model web courses that colleges and universities offer. Interactive exercises, individual or group projects, and class discussion forums are just part of our online course components that create a rich learning experience for our students. The Academy also uses Blackboard™, a course learning management system that many colleges and universities use across the country and internationally to offer online courses to their students. Our distance education students will have access to their instructors via e-mail and telephone and through their online class discussion forums. Triple Crown Academy firmly believes that student-to-student and instructor-to-student interactions are crucial for a distance education student’s success. All of our online courses require such interactivity to enhance each student’s learning experience. This is not a “correspondence-type” course from the past.
We offer two programs over the Internet:
Dog Training Fundamentals: An Enthusiast’s Guide. This completely online program is geared more toward the dog enthusiast: a future or current dog owner who wishes to learn more about dog behavior, breeds, sports, and some basic training techniques.
Pet Obedience Instructor: Theory and Application of Canine Behavior.  This more advanced program is for successful graduates of the Dog Training Fundamentals: An Enthusiast’s Guide Program only, and who would like to expand upon the foundation they’ve just built, and/or are interested in becoming a professional dog trainer. The majority of this program is online, but there are some “hands on” requirements (demonstrated by videos) to reinforce what you have learned.

"Triple Crown Academy represents my commitment to being the world's leading educational center for dog trainers.  The school is part of a world class, state of the art dog training, boarding, and event center.  Our program offers the most comprehensive courses for dog trainers in the world.  The instructors are among the most committed, experienced, and knowledgeable professional trainers.  After graduating from Triple Crown Academy, you will have the knowledge and confidence to enter into an exciting career as a professional dog trainer."

-Jerry Wolfe,
CEO of Triple Crown Academy for Professional Dog Trainers, Inc.



From Kevin Combs, Graduate of Canine Training & Behavior Specialist Course

"I graduated the Canine Training & Behavior Specialist course in May 2005.  I arrived with a ten month old Germand Shepherd, Isa.  I knew that I had a strong interest in the sport of schutzhund, and while at Triple Crown Academy I observed every schutzhund club meeting, seminar, and trial possible, and was able to pick up a lot of outstanding ideas in addition to all the invaluable tricks and tips about how dogs learn during class.  I also met my wife, Kerry, and we left the school together with four dogs, a whole new understanding of training, andexciting ideas about what I could do with my life."

"I had all kinds of new experiences after coming home, including serving as a trainer and handler for a company selling trained German Shepherds, working at a boarding kennel, and running my own business offering group classes and private lessons.  But I have found my love of schutzhund to be greater and decided to get serious about it.  About six months after graduation I gave in to my addiction and Kerry and I launched our own breeding program, Starke Pfoten German Shepherds (www.starkepfoten.com).  We are raising our fourth litter now and we currently have a total of nine shepherds.  I've found myself busy with the dogs, constantly training and competing.  I am typically trying 2-3 dogs for trials, as well as 3-5 dogs for maintenance or puppy foundation work.  So far I've been very successful in my training.  Already in 2007, I've earned six titles, and in 2006 I earned eleven.  My stud dog, Kanto and I achieved first place at the 2006 WKG Regional Championships 98-95-94=287V, *High Tracking - High Obedience - High in Trial, and also competed in my first national event at the 2006 North American SchH3 Championships.  I have high hopes for the future and plan to compete with some of my own bred dogs when they come of age."

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"The instructors at Triple Crown Academy bring a lot to the table when it comes to knowledge and experience. When it comes to training dogs and handlers for detection work, tracking, or protection work, you won't find better instructors anywhere."
Brad Leinhart
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